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5 Must-Have Free Healthcare Apps For Business Travellers
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4 Must-Have Healthcare Apps For Business Travellers

According to Certify, the number of business trips is estimated at around 445 million per year. The travel industry has dramatically grown and is even expected to expand in the coming years. However, many travellers and their companies are likely to focus on how they close the deal before and during the trip and sometimes neglect their health, though they often face challenges in an unfamiliar place such as a disrupted body clock, a long tiring flight, and uncommon foods. Download healthcare apps and don’t let them ruin your business trip.


・First Aid by British Red Cross

Emergencies happen when we least expect them. Getting sick or injured overseas may upset you, but First Aid by British Red Cross app helps you to calm down and promotes recovery.

The app offers useful lifesaving instruction on how to handle the common first aid situations in plain words. Each guideline page has clear illustrations and videos not to confuse anybody anytime. No internet connection is needed so that you can use it even when you are involved in natural disasters that potentially ruin the infrastructure.

Price: Free

Languages: English

Access: Website, App StoreGoogle Play

Also, check the editions offered by the American Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross, the Australian Red Cross, and the New Zealand Red Cross.



You may not able to perform brilliantly at an important meeting while suffering from jet lag caused by rapid travel across different time zones. Insufficient sleep produces cognitive deficits, mental and physical fatigue, digestive problems, etc.

Timeshifter is the only app offering personalised advice to minimise your jet lag. The Co-founder Dr. Steven Lockley is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an acknowledged expert in circadian rhythms and jet lag. Taking your sleep pattern, chronotype, itinerary, and a range of personal preferences into account, the app suggests solutions based on the up-to-date jet lag science that astronauts and athletes also use to perform at their best.

Price: Starting at $9.99 (a free trial is available)

Language: English

Access: Website, App Store, Google Play


・Air Visual

The air quality of the destination city is one of the major concerns not only for travellers with allergies or asthma but for healthy travellers. The polluted air can cause symptoms including coughing, headache, and sore throat in the short term, and lung cancer, respiratory diseases, and circular system diseases in the long term.

Air Visual provides real-time air pollution forecasts anywhere in the world in the form of graphs and maps. The database is created based on 6 main pollutants (PM2.5, PM10, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ground-level ozone), and it categorises each location’s health risk into “Good”, “Moderate”, “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”, “Unhealthy”, “Very Unhealthy”, or “Hazardous” according to the US EPA standard. The app also alerts when the air quality is not up to the standards so that you will follow their advice to reduce your exposure to air pollutants.

Price: Free

Languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese

Access: Website, App Store, Google Play



If you’re Canadian, download CANImmunize app to keep track of your vaccination history. Travelling could expose you to the risk of diseases unfamiliar in Canada. CANImmunize is a member of the WHO-led project Vaccine Safety Net and offers digital solutions to promote vaccination across Canada. You can also see outbreaks of Vaccine Preventable Diseases in your area. Bring vaccination records with you to protect you and your family.

Price: Free

Language: English and French

Access: Website, App Store, Google Play


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