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5 Breakthrough eBook Startups
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5 Breakthrough eBook Startups

Which is preferred: eBooks or print books? There has been a lot of discussion about which is superior to the other since the appearance of Kindle e-reader in 2007. But are there the right answers to these questions?

The answer is NO.

Technology has developed to solve existing problems. For example, 100 years ago, the means of transportation to other countries were only trains and ships. It took nearly 5 days from London to Moscow and even 20-40 days to Africa where several countries were still under colonial rules. The invention of a plane dramatically shortened travel time, enabling measuring travel time not in days but in hours. But the appearance of this new amazing transport didn’t drive out either trains or ships. A train is appropriate for short-distance transportation, and a ship can carry a huge amount of heavy cargo across the ocean.

The same is true of reading. I have a friend who loves reading and now is hectic taking care of her three children. I met her several months ago for the first time in ages, and she told me in a weary voice “I used to love print books, but you know, I’m very busy with the care of my babies and have no time to read… The only thing I can do is listening to audiobooks while doing housework…”

As for me, I’m a big lover of print books, but still, I choose digital books when purchasing technical books on Amazon. Then I can start reading them as soon as the credit transaction is completed, and I don’t need to wait for 2 weeks of shipping from the United States. In short, either eBooks or physical books should be used depending on the situation, and you don’t need to stick to your (rubbish) principles.



Here are 5 breakthrough e-reading startups attracting public attention. Used wisely, they can improve your e-reading experience than ever before.


1- Perlego

Perlego is an online library offering more than 200,000 digital textbooks on a subscription basis. Subscribers have unlimited access to 300,000+ eBooks of 500+ different topics, and the service is available in 28 EU countries via the web and iOS and Android apps. They also have many useful tools (highlight, annotate, citing, etc.) to improve your academic performance.


2- BookLikes

BookLikes is a communication platform for book lovers founded in 2011 by Dawid Piaskowski. The website allows users to write reviews and share their reading experiences with other book lovers, and they can create own groups of book suggestions and recommendations as well.


3- Blinkist

Blinkist offers 15-minute summaries of world’s best-selling nonfiction books to people who are too busy to read all the books they want. Readers can choose either text or audio summaries, and the service also provides “Wishlist” which users can vote for the books they want them to summarise. Founded in Berlin in 2012, and now connects 6 million users to over 3,000 books in their library.


4- Bookmate

Bookmate is a mobile app offering access to 50,000 books from a wide range of genres: fiction, non-fiction, poem, biography, kids, business, and sports. The service was founded in 2010 by Victor Frumkin and Simon Dunlop, and is now available in 14 languages.


5- Radish

Radish is a serialized storytelling platform for smartphone readers headquartered in Los Angeles. They currently host nearly 700 storytellers who publish their original serials, and you can connect with your favourite writers in a live chat room. Each episode is released in accordance with the writer’s schedule (usually weekly). You can preview stories before purchasing as the first three episodes of all stories are free.


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