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7 Careers That Need Programming Skills

Coding is a fantastic skill if you are eager to have a brilliant career. It can lead directly into a career in engineering, software development, information technology, and are also in demand in areas such as medical care, marketing, and education. Many employers, especially of smaller start-ups, expect applicants to solely take care of coding, web design, PR and more.

Learning to code is not so difficult as many people think and there are many courses online and at school. If you desire to have a career as the profession below, it is never too late to start learning to code!



· Web Developer

Coding Skills: JavaScript, CSS, Python, C#, Java, HTML, etc.
Degree: Computer Science, Programming, or a related subject

A web developer is a specialist who codes, manages, and uploads the website and registers it with search engines to meet the business requirement. Most applicants are expected to have Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software development, information technology or similar but the coding skills and understanding of the latest web trends enable applicants with other degrees to find a web developer job.


· Graphic Designer

Coding Skills: HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, etc.
Degree: Art, Graphic Design, or a related subject

Graphic designers develop graphics and layouts for client’s products such as websites, logos, labels, and advertising. Although many graphic designers use drag-and-drop software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, coding is still important especially for freelance graphic designers because they need to manage the graphics on websites all by themselves.


· Software Developer

Coding Skills: Python, JavaScript, CSS, C#, Rust, Java, C++, PHP, etc.
Degree: Computer Science, Software Engineering, Math, etc.

Software developers are in high demand across almost all industries (even in non-tech industries such as retail and entertainment) and the demand may even continue to increase in this competitive digital era. The main duties are reviewing current operation systems, designing and installing new systems, and creating manuals for users. This job is suited for those who are enthusiastic about learning new skills and technologies that are rapidly evolving.


· Electrical Engineer

Coding Skills: C, C++, Arduino, Python, Java, etc.
Degree: Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering accredited by ABET

Electrical engineers are involved in electrical products or systems in various sectors such as construction, transportation, building, power generation, and telecommunications. C and C++ are the top 2 must-know languages for electrical engineering (of course other languages may give you an advantage).


· Data Scientist

Coding Skills: R, Python, SAS, Java, Perl, C, C++, SQL, Scala, etc.
Degree: Computer Science, Engineering, Data Science, Statistics, Math, etc.

A data scientist is a specialist who finds useful patterns in data sets to predict business problems, using data mining and statistical techniques. Coding skills of R and Python and a familiarity with data visualisation tools such as Tableau, Qlik View, and D3.js are strongly required.


· Cyber Security Analyst

Coding Skills: PHP, C, C++, Java, Shell, etc.
Degree: Information Systems, Computer Science, Programming, etc.

The main roles of cybersecurity analysts are monitoring and identifying vulnerability in software and hardware, creating a secure firewall to protect the servers, and connecting with police to identify the perpetrator as required. Cybersecurity experts need to have up-to-date technical and criminal knowledge to be one step ahead of the hackers.


· Digital Marketer

Coding Skills: HTML, Bash, Python, JavaScript, SQL, etc.
Degree: Marketing, Advertising, Management, Business or a related subject

Digital marketers are responsible for the company’s digital strategies including getting more visitors to the company’s websites and followers of social media, dispatching email marketing campaigns, and developing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Excellent knowledge of SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) is required. Coding skills are not essential but the basic knowledge of coding makes you an ideal candidate because digital marketers need to manage data analysis systems and edit web content.


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