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5 Innovative E-Learning Startups in Europe
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5 Innovative E-Learning Startups in Europe

Many people have started using e-learning services because of its advantages. For example, you can take lessons from anywhere and at any time as long as you have the Internet, which enables you to use your free time efficiently. You don’t need to commute to school by a packed train but rather to start up your computer.  No need to apply for a student visa to take a degree from Australian universities. No need to wake up early to attend a morning class after a night shift of work. And no need to look for a nanny to take care of your kids while you attend a class! Online resources are suitable for review as well. Video and/or audio resources provided by e-learning services can be replayed again and again if you happen to miss instructions. It enables you to promote your understanding and improve your weak skills.


The e-learning market is growing by 7.6% annually. In Europe, the UK is a leading country in the sector with approx. 28% of the European market share, followed by Germany. This might be because the British government has encouraged students to have digital devices and promoted personalised education. The growth of the market size in Eastern Europe is almost as high as Asia. Europe has great potential to open a new e-learning market!


1 – Aula Education (The United Kingdom)

Aula is a communication platform that engages interaction between educators and students. Users can reach their professors, tutors, and classmates to share handouts, enjoy discussions, and make enquiries, which reduces the labour cost of education by shortening feedback loops.


2- WhiteHat (The United Kingdom)

WhiteHat is a tech startup that provides high-quality apprentice training to young people to accelerate a career in partnership with UK’s leading content providers. They aim to empower non-graduate talent to build great careers that can rival elite universities.


3- LearnLife (Spain)

LearnLife is a collaborative community of changemakers united to create a new lifelong learning paradigm to solve future challenges, initiating positive educational change.


4 – LeQuest (The Netherlands)

LeQuest trains medical professionals on-line for the use of medical devices to improve the quality of healthcare. Trainees can get certified to master the device by completing the training.


5 – 360 Learning (France)

360 Learning provides Collaborative Learning platform, a peer learning where users can take online courses adapted to their needs. Users can also create and delivery courses without any complex processes by customising many types of quizzes and assessment tools, using web formats on the platform.


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